Hush my child

In class, my students ask a lot of questions.  Sometimes, a student will get upset with me because I stop the question midstream ready to answer.  The student complains that I didn’t even hear the question and so at times I will allow the student to ask the question in its entirety.  I then tell the student that I already knew what the question was going to be.  You see not only am I older, but I know the subject very well.  I also know the prerequisite skills needed to solve the problem and I know how the concept will be used in later units and courses.  I know which skills are extremely important and need mastery and which ones can be skimmed over or skipped.

Why am I talking about how I treat my students?  Because the Holy Spirit brought it to my remembrance when I recently went to Him in prayer. I had been on fast collectively with my choir.  Almost everyone was expressing revelations and improved health as well as weight loss.  All I could think was Lord I’m hungry and I’m still just as confused as before I began the fast.  However, I was determined to stay on the fast.  One night I came home and was ready to ask God to please give me a sign.  Please speak.  Tell me what to do.  What to let go of.  Something.  I was feeling desperate or so I thought.  But before I could get the first few words out I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace and calmness.  Then I heard the Spirit say sweetie hush.  It’s already done and taken care of.  Don’t even ask or worry any further.

I can’t even explain how weird that felt.  I mean did God just cut me off in my prayer and basically tell me to be quiet because He already knows the answer. Yes, He did.  Being the Author and Finisher of my faith, God already knew of my trepidation and anxiety and concerns.  He knew what has caused them as well as what the future holds.  He knows the lessons I need to learn so that I can be prepared for the next chapters in my life.  He also knows who and what does not need to be in my life or should not be in my life and therefore, must be removed before I enter into my destiny.  And knowing all that He knows, He also knew that there was no need for me to worry because He was already working everything for my good because I love Him and I have been called according to His purpose.

I didn’t need to ask because He already knew and knows the answer.

Shhh.  Hush my child.  Daddy’s got this.  Don’t fret.  I know and I got it taken care of.  Hush my child and be at peace.


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