No Time to Work Out

It’s a new year and many people have declared that this is the year to work out regularly and become healthy. Fitness centers across the country see the surge of new memberships as thousands declare, this year they will go to the gym and begin a workout regime. Most last the first two weeks. But by the end of February, the once crowded health clubs, are empty (much to the light of the regular customers).

Thre is no shame in this. We lead very busy hectic lives. Even with all the innovative workout plans, routines, diets, and challenges, it can be very hard to maintain a solid thirty minutes or more for just a workout. And let’s not forget the time for travel and changing into appropriate clothes etc. A person is easily looking at a 45 to 90-minute investment three times a week.

However, everyone will agree that we must take care of our bodies and that means finding time to exercise. For the busy person, there are some very small changes that can be done throughout the day which only take one or two minutes. These changes can be done almost anywhere at any time. Most are simplistic in nature and require no equipment. More importantly, these suggestions will enable you to begin and maintain a workout regime. And let’s face it, we all feel a sense of accomplishment when we are able to remain committed to something.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Pick your favorite television show. If working out is new for you, then choose a half hour show. During the commercials, get up and do jumping jacks, lunges, side stretches and high knees. Change the activity with each commercial to prevent boredom.

2. While at your desk, try to sit as tall as you can. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Try to breathe deeply using only your nose. This is nice after finishing one task and preparing to tackle another task, especially a large one.

3. While standing by the copier or maybe while cooking, try some calf raises. You can alternate your heels or raise them simultaneously.

4. While reading an email or even watching a show, rotate your wrists. Rotate ten to twenty times in one direction and then change direction.

5. While going over your to-do list, roll your shoulders forwards and then backward. Then look to your left rotating your head as far left as possible. Then look to the right. End the sequence by rolling your head in a circle in one direction and then in the opposite one.

6. Of course, try to walk whenever possible. Use the stairs over elevators if given a choice. Park further from the entrance and enjoy the extra steps.

These suggestions are a great way to get yourself moving and more active as well as limber in a short amount of time. For more suggestions, look for my upcoming book, In a Minute.



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