The Case for Meditation

Lately, more books and articles and workshops have focused on meditation. As the interest in yoga has grown, meditation ha been introduced to the general population. Meditation is nothing new for Christians. We have been hearing about the importance of mediation with every sermon., prayer and bible class. Elders have extolled the significance of meditating on God’s word. Yogis attempt to guide their students to a sense of nirvana. In this state, students use chants or specific words to meditate in an attempt to connect with the universe, a higher power, or the light within themselves. Many authors have become famous with self-help literature suggesting the reader write and recite sentences, phrases and positive quotes. People are hosting vision board parties where thoughts, dreams and desires are showcased using pictures onto a board or poster. Seeing images everyday is supposed to keep the person focused until eh realization of the images.

So why an increase in this thing called meditation? For some, the word meditation invokes a sense of mystery, as if one is communicating with an unknown and possibly dark force. Some believe that meditation is akin to a cult and could lead to mind control or some type of hypnosis.

Meditation is simply the written or spoken discourse expressing considered thought on a subject. It is the process of spending time in quiet thought. What makes meditation significant is what you choose to focus on.

Have you ever noticed that your body tends to move in the direction of your gaze? It doesn’t matter if your head is held high or not. Begin walking and let your eyes look to one side, or worse, down to the ground. Slowly, your body moves in that direction. The same holds true for our psyche and spirit. So the question now is, what are you mentally focused on?

If you consistently read and watch negative images, you begin to move or live your life in that direction. You will see situations from a negative background and point of view. Theis makes receiving and accepting or recognizing positive images harder. You doubt good intentions and behavior thinking there is a hidden or ulterior motive. People avoid you. Your stress level increases and even the smallest of disappointments appear larger than life and last longer than necessary.

However, when you fill your mind and thoughts with uplifting and positive images:

  1. your life resembles what you see
  2. your heart is more receptive to love
  3. you are more willing to give love
  4. you see the good in people and situations
  5. you live with a belief that things will get better
  6. you value yourself and others
  7. you want the best for yourself and those around you
  8. you smile and laugh more
  9. your stress level goes down

As you fill your mind with positive images, you begin to exude positivity. This aura draws people  to you. People come to you for encouragement and support. People admire your ability to move forward in the face of disappointments and sadness.

Meditation is an intentional act where you are in complete control. You decide your focus. You decide what enters and occupies your mind. Your life then becomes a reflection of what you have fed your mind. And your actions are a by-product of your thoughts.

So now the question is simple. How do you want to live your life? What will you meditate on? For positive Christian meditation suggestions, look for my upcoming book, In a Minute.


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